Not many people are aware that hearing loss and dementia are linked. While more research is being conducted, scientists are finding evidence that hearing loss can lead to dementia, which is a condition that will cause memory loss, trouble with thinking and difficulties with problem solving. While there is a link, it does not mean that people with hearing loss will definitely have dementia, but the odds of developing dementia will be higher. The chances for mental decline seem to increase as hearing problems become worse, but there are things you can do to prevent this from happening, and the following guide will help lower your chances for mental decline if you ever start to have trouble hearing.

You must first understand how the two conditions are related, and while researchers have not confirmed this aspect, they suspect that three things are involved. The first is that people with hearing loss often feel isolated because it’s challenging to join in conversations or attend social gatherings when you can’t hear. Research shows that there is a link between feeling lonely and dementia, and feelings of isolation can cause mental decline to happen faster. The second aspect is that your brain must work a lot harder to process sound when you don’t hear well, which can take away resources that your brain needs for other important activities. Lastly, if your ears cannot pick up on sounds, the hearing nerves will send fewer signals to your brain, so it will decline as a result. It is most likely the combination of these three aspects that causes hearing loss to lead to dementia.

To lower your chances of hearing loss, it is important that you keep your heart healthy as you age. Protecting your hearing from loud noises will also help in this regard, as will not smoking as that habit is a big factor for sensory loss. If you smoke, it is a must that you quit because this will make a big difference not just with hearing loss but with your overall health as well.

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