Regular eye exams are very important because they can help you maintain your sight and ensure there are no issues with your vision. Your eye doctor has the ability to look closely at the inside of your eye, which is the only way to determine if everything is fine and spot any potential issues. 

Having eye exams done regularly can be a little vague because every patient is unique and each situation is different depending on their age and other factors. Those with specific symptoms must visit their eye doctor more often because there are more risks, while those who do not experience symptoms can have an eye exam less frequently. 

Before the age of 40, it is generally recommended that you get a complete eye exam every two to five years because it is less likely that you are at risk of any problems in your twenties or thirties. Once you reach the age of 40, that number will change and up until the age of 64, it is recommended that a complete eye exam be scheduled every two to four years so that the doctor can monitor your eyes more often. Patients 65 years of age and older should get a complete eye exam every year or every other year because the older you get the more problems you can run into with your vision which is why you need to schedule an appointment once a year. 

Regular eye exams are also very important for children because it will help them prepare for school and ensure they can see instructions clearly when they are in a classroom so that they feel comfortable. Issues with their vision will interfere with their learning and a lot of the information that is presented in schools is done visually for kids in grade school and routine eye exams will provide parents and caregivers with peace of mind knowing their child can understand and see the content being presented. 

Patients with special risks including diabetes, previous eye trauma, surgery or high blood pressure will require an eye exam more frequently. If you have a family history of glaucoma, you should also see an eye doctor more often because you may be at risk and the doctor can stay on top of it to help maintain the health of your vision and its accuracy. The same applies to patients who have a visually demanding occupation, wear contact lenses, eyeglasses or are currently taking prescription drugs because these factors can affect a person’s vision and may have side effects related directly to the eyes. 

Eye exams should never be neglected and the right eye doctor will schedule appointments for you regularly to ensure you maintain the perfect vision that is very healthy. If you are in the Surrey area and want an optometrist you can trust, contact JC Optical & Hearing today!