Your eyes are how you visualize things, and you can see when you are learning a new topic in class or signing papers and documents for work. They are one of your most essential features, but not too many people care for them properly. You should be able to visit your local optometrist to make sure that your eyes are healthy and functioning. It is important to have them checked at least once a year to ensure that you have a balanced diet and that your eyesight is not worsening. You are probably wondering what the jobs of optometrists and ophthalmologists are, but don’t worry because we can give you some insight into their jobs.

There are two types of eye doctors, and they are called optometrists or ophthalmologists; they have different jobs but serve the same purpose. Both doctors work to make sure you have a healthy diet and keep your eyes healthy and safe. Ophthalmologists have more experience in the medical field; they go to medical school after receiving either their masters or Ph.D. After medical school, they will have a one-year internship followed by three years of residency and sometimes one to two years in a fellowship. These doctors can offer services such as eye exams and medical eye care for conditions such as glaucoma or iritis. They are able to do surgical eye care and can diagnose eye conditions or problems.

Then some optometrists have a little less experience in the field of medicine, they take primary health care for the eye; after college, they spend four years in a professional program and have a doctor of optometry degree. Optometrists choose to have additional clinical training or they get a fellowship to specialize in certain things. These doctors can perform eye exams and vision tests, preserve and fit eyeglasses. They are also able to monitor eye problems associated with other diseases such as diabetes; they can also provide their patients with vision therapy.

Optometrists’ and ophthalmologists’ main job is to ensure that their patients get the best care and services. They are in charge of examining your eyes and making decisions whether you would need glasses or any kind of further care. If you are looking for designer eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and eye exams in Surrey, then make sure to contact JC Optical & Hearing.