Going to the eye doctor is an important responsibility that you should take for yourself and your children. It is important that you focus on your health and make sure that you have healthy eyes. Even if your eyes are healthy or you don’t need glasses, it is important to have yearly eye exams in order to look out for problems. Your optometrist will take the time to examine your eyesight, and they will also do tests that tell them whether you have developed any sort of illness or disease. It is important that you catch eye diseases earlier before your eyesight becomes worse.


  1. You will have the chance to purchase new prescription glasses or contacts. If you feel that your current glasses or contacts have been irritating your eyes, then this is your chance to purchase new ones. You do not want to go through the rest of your life with glasses that are uncomfortable and do not help your vision.
  2. You have the chance of receiving preventive care. This means that if your family has a history of eye vision problems, then this can be prevented. Seeing the eye doctor at least once a year will help them make a plan to keep your eyes healthy.
  3. Your eye doctor can estimate future vision decline. This means that they may actually be able to catch early eye vision problems.
  4. The eye doctor will be able to check other issues with your vision. This would include treating blurriness or twitching.
  5. Check for symptoms of other bold alignments; looking at your eyes can tell a doctor a lot about your overall health. If you have a yellow or orange tint in your eyes, this could suggest that there are problems with your liver.
  6. You will be able to ease allergy suffering, seasonal changes can irritate your eyes and make you uncomfortable. If you have been experiencing dryness, itchiness, or watery eyes, your eye doctor may prescribe medication.
  7. Your eye doctor can treat chronic eye problems. Some doctors may need to see their eye doctors often in order to treat other body issues. You may want to see your doctor often if you are a person who suffers from macular degeneration or complications from diabetes.
  8. Eye doctor appointments will prepare your children for their first day of school, especially if they have issues with their eyesight. If your child struggles to read the words in a book or a screen, they may require glasses or contacts.

Seeing the eye doctor at least once a year will help prevent your eyesight from becoming worse, it will also make sure that you are healthy. The eye doctor can examine your eyes and tell you whether you have any other bodily issues. If you are looking for eye doctors, eye exams or prescription glasses in Surrey, BC, contact JC Optical and Hearing.