If you’re not sure whether or not you need eyeglasses or if you’re contemplating getting a new pair of frames, there are certain questions you should ask yourself first to determine if the time has come. The answers to these questions will provide you with helpful information, so before you make a trip to any optical stores, ask yourself the following:

When Was My Last Eye Exam?

It is generally recommended that you get your eyes checked once every one to two years. This will help determine whether or not there are any problems with your sight, and it can also confirm whether or not your prescription needs an upgrade. The results of your eye exam will say a lot about the condition of your eyes, and you may be told it’s time for a set of eyeglasses to correct or improve your vision.

Do I Have To Squint To See Well?

If you squint often and find that you are doing this more and more to better focus your eyes, it may be a sign that you are in need of eyeglasses. You shouldn’t have to squint to read or see, so it’s definitely time to see an eye doctor to get glasses and to eliminate this habit. If you already wear eyeglasses, this may be a sign that your prescription needs to be updated, and a new pair may be needed to protect your eyes.

Are My Current Eyeglasses Outdated?

Eyewear trends change over time, so if your eyeglasses are old fashioned, it may be time for a new pair. This will update your entire look, and you will feel better overall. If you love your current frames, you can ask to replace the lenses and not the frame, so talk to your optometrist to learn more about your options.

Am I Having Trouble Keeping My Eyeglasses Clean?

Some lenses have a special coating to offer scratch resistance and UV protection, and while this is important, this coating can start to break down over time, and you will notice a filmy appearance on your lenses. This can make it difficult to see, so if this starts to affect your vision, it is definitely a sign that you need new eyeglasses.

Are My Eyeglasses Damaged?

It’s natural for your eyeglasses to experience some wear and tear over time, but this is something you need to address because wearing worn-out eyeglasses can be very problematic. In addition to an unappealing appearance, ill-fitting glasses will not correct your vision as they should, and scratches will interfere with your vision, which can cause eye strain.

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