If you require glasses, choosing the best lenses can be a challenge with all of the options available. While the process can be overwhelming, the right lenses are important for a number of reasons, including final appearance, safety, durability, as well as functionality and comfort. All of these aspects matter, so when the time comes to purchase your new glasses, make sure to understand all of the details surrounding each option.

When it comes to the material of the lens, glass can be considered because they provide clarity as well as a distortion-free experience in terms of colour. The downside is that glass is heavy, presents more of a risk when it comes to injuries and is not suitable for rimless or semi-rimless glasses, which is why most people prefer plastic instead as it is lightweight, provides great optical performance and can be shaped easily. These advantages make plastic the most popular lens material. Polycarbonate is another option you can consider because it is lighter and more impact-resistant when compared to plastic lenses and this material is particularly great for children, safety glasses and eyewear that will be used during sports.

Hi-index plastic lenses have the ability to naturally bend light and are a lot thinner and lighter than glass. A higher index also results in flatter lenses, which are usually a lot nicer aesthetically speaking and don’t distort vision as much as round or curved surfaces.

You’ll also have to consider certain types of coating. For example, plastic and high-index lenses are soft, making them more prone to scratches when compared to glass lenses and for this reason, an anti-scratch coating may be recommended so that your lenses can resist any scratches that may occur. You may also be interested in an anti-reflective treatment coating, which is applied to lenses to stop reflections from appearing in them. Another important type of coating is the one that is able to block UV rays, which are very harmful, especially if you experience prolonged exposure. If you decide to purchase a plastic lens, this is definitely a must as this additional treatment will offer protection. Lastly, lenses with blue-blocking ability are something you should look into because it offers protection from the blue light that comes with prolonged exposure to LED screens. This particular light causes a glare that can result in eye strain and poor visual performance, so your lens must be able to protect your eyes from this.

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