There are many potential signs of serious hearing loss. There are a large and vast variety of factors associated with hearing loss, and many are what lead to the permanent management of your ears or the expensive treatments, including therapy, for those who might have to continue their daily lives without their hearing.

If you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, you should come in right away, even if they are mild symptoms. This makes it easier for your otolaryngologist to treat mild symptoms, this way, you will have a more likely chance of keeping your hearing. Here are five signs that you are beginning to have hearing loss.

  • If you are old enough, hearing-loss called presbycusis might occur, making it hard to hear high-frequency sounds such as “S, F, Th, V and K”, these syllables, letters and sounds are important to distinguish the difference between words such as “throw and show.”
  • Common sounds have begun to disappear. This includes sounds that crickets make or the background music of someone else’s car.
  • Hearing a conversation in loud places becomes harder over time, this is when hearing speech becomes fuzzy or dazed.
  • You become exhausted trying to hear people talk. This will most often become a constant pattern of you trying your best to use your hearing sense to listen to your friends talk or having to try your best to listen to the boss at work.
  • Your ears are constantly having a ringing noise that, over time, becomes deafening. This is usually when a chronic sign of tinnitus occurs in the auditory system of the brain, since it is missing the high volume frequencies of the outside world, the brain begins to create its own ringing or “hum” sounds.

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